Our work process


Designing the High-Level Architecture (HLA)

Very first and important thing in any application is maintaining High Level Server Architecture in order to reduce the Business loss. So, designing a High-level Architecture is important to keep the application up and running.


Setting Up the Server

Based on High-Level Architecture, Server Setup is initiated and then Application Server and Database Server is setup. Server setup can be done on VPC or on Dedicated Server based on technology and business requirements of the application.


Configuring the Server

Configuring the server is very crucial. We install the application needs based on technology, technology versions, web server, database server and many more. Even setting up backup policy and maintaining the security aspects are important part of server configurations.


Setting Up Build Deploy Automation (BDA)

Working manually and monotonously is the traditional method of working. We believe in automating the complete process, that is Build Deploy Automation, which is a new way of reducing the time thereby increasing the output and focusing only on the application development.


Monitoring and Maintenance

Regular Server Health check regarding the server uptime maintains the credibility and reduces the Business loss. Hence, we make the monitoring easy by auto notification in case of server downtime. Performing the Root Cause Analysis is also key factor which helps is reducing the repetitive downtime issues.


  • Linux - RedHat / Ubuntu
  • Amazon AWS Server
  • Apache Configuration and Setup
  • Git / bitbucket
  • Jenkins - CI/CD Tool
  • Nagios Monitoring Tool
  • Chef Configuration Tool
  • Docker

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