The need for software developers is reaching a new high. Demand for skilful software developers has increase and many developer with out of trend technology have seen door. With companies getting onboard with the new tech trends, talent demands for few of the emerging technologies has gone up. Trends in technology are short lived, you may be thinking of hopping into a new technology this time of year but remember it may go out of trend the next year. Even though the trends in software technology are short lived, there are 6 trending technology that will become mainstream in 2019.   Related: 8 Tech Trends to keep your eye on in 2018   So, which trends are going to live in 2019? Here are those 6 technology that will be “hot” in software development: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis, Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Low code development and cyber security.   1. BlockChain Technology – Its Future & why? Blockchain technology is undoubtedly ingenious invention. By allowing the digital information to be distributed but not copied, it created the backbone of new type of internet. While blockchain technology was already in market for sometime but its popularity rose due to bitcoin. Bitcoin uses blockchain technology to allow digital currency exchange.
“The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.” – by Don & Alex Tapscott, authors Blockchain Revolution (2016)
 Companies are getting hold of blockchain technology to make softwares that will bring revolution in healthcare, finance and data storage industries. Companies who have already started with development on blockchain technology are IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Amazon.   2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) If you are person who grew up in 90s then listening artificial intelligence might have made your mind to think about ‘Terminator’, the famous fantasy movie series from hollywood. While we are still miles away from developing skynet technology but machine learning is doing quiet good in the technology innovation fields. Organising important email, understanding the human voice queries and providing appropriate responses, analysing data, making Big Data analysis effective are some of the application of Artificial Intelligence that have already seen daylight in 2018. Machine learning technology has already picked up pace in software development. Artificial intelligence will continue to gain importance in field of software development.   3. Data Analysis & Need for Data Scientist Heard of Big Data, while this term got its fame in 2017. But still many are asking the question What is BigData? With improvements in artificial intelligence, analysing data and driving useful insight have become more feasible. Understanding user behaviour, usage pattern, predicting market trends are some of the applications of data analysis. New careers have emerged in software development for data scientist and data analyst. Data processing applications have already performing great in market. The revenue generated from data processing software have already contributed to billions. 4. Progressive Web Apps Progressive web app offers the best of latest browser technology and mobile experience. PWA are website or web pages that look and feel similar to apps or native app. They give the experience of using mobile app on the browser. Google has mostly introduced this technology and has begun developing browser features that are similar to mobile apps. PWAs are less complex to develop and maintain than conventional mobile apps; that adds to their popularity. 5. Low Code Development Low code development is advantage over the traditional waterfall model. For years the labor-intensive waterfall model have been used for software development process lifecycle. Must Read: Best low-code development platforms of 2018   With low code development, tedious repetitive development tasks are automated, so the need for a technical analyst or development team disappears. 6. Cyber Security Security and privacy goes hand in hand. Once the security is broken the question of data privacy daunts the companies. Headlines of cyber-attack on large companies have already made the mid-size and small enterprises worried. Most of the attacks occur through automated softwares that look for vulnerability in networks and cause breach of security.  Any business that has digital presence and operates on cloud is prone to cyber attack.  
Technology will keep on evolving and new ones will take place of old one. As a software developer, you have to keep looking for new trends in software careers. Learning new stuff will help you keep ahead of the curve and make your profile look good.
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