Business and its operations are never going to be the same during and post the COVID – 19 Crisis. This should be very much clear in the minds of Business owners. The old methods of operations and business deals will have to vanish from society to up-bring and uplift the business from the current scenarios.

The business which could survive and sustain the COVID – 19 Crisis were:

Medical, Pharmacy, Manufacturing, Computer, Agriculture

The Business that were highly impacted were:

Travel and Tourism, Entertainment, Aviation

Medical and Pharmacy is interrelated and completely dependent on each other. It is obvious that these Industry were in the most primary category to operate during health crisis such as COVID – 19.

Manufacturing units only Manufacturing Medical, Pharmaceutical and Edible Products could sustain these crisis.

Travel and Tourism, Entertainment, Aviation could not operate because of the restrictions imposed on them.

But what about the other businesses?

Were they really need to get highly impacted? What was the reason for many small businesses to shut down or temporarily halt during the crisis? What could help them sustain these situations?

Let’s find out.

As consumers are staying home to prevent the spread of the highly infectious virus COVID-19, small businesses have been slowing down and temporarily closing.

Communicating with the consumers is the biggest hurdle. Transportation halt caused the restrictions on the employees to work in the offices. Business Dealers and Managers could go for personal meetings so new business could not come in. Hence causing a high impact on Finances and cashflows.

What can help a lot during such scenarios?

Digital communication and smart operating systems. The businesses which are already online or wish to go online can help gain assistance for creating an instant online presence. This will allow the businesses to engage the right people at the right time. Online payment methods are very much safe and flexible for financial operations. Home deliveries are available in market which also help deliver the products.

Building a smart and effective website with data security, flexible payment systems, attractive content and images, good SEO and 100% user friendly is all you need.

Digital communications can cover up all the hindrance for business deals. Video calling apps, good sound system and excellent negotiation skills is all about it.

Coming to digitization in the company operations. As there is a halt in the operations you might be overthinking about the tremendous pressure hovering over your head about how-to meetup the deadline after the lockdown. Tremendous speed and accuracy will be required in the work culture of the company. What about building an automated product for operations?

Feeding the data accurately is all you need. Further the system will work wonders for you.

Bringing up your physical operations and converting it into an automated product would always be beneficial. This would help maintaining all the data, calculous, maintenance and records of each minute things. Getting overview of your business, analysing it and taking steps accordingly is the success mantra of each business.

Identifying precisely the current and future demand of your industry is very much important during the COVID – 19 Pandemic. Get digitized, you can’t delegate digital transformation for your company. You and your executives have to own it! Executives need to engage, embrace and adopt new ways of working with the latest and emerging technologies.

Chinmai Mayekar

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer and SEO Executive currently working for WEQ Technologies