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The Problem

Collecting data from clients, sending reminders and asking for relevant documents becomes a cumbersome task, which in turn delays the execution, preparing detailed and required tasks. In this state of pressure, client might miss to charge for non-routine jobs that the firm undertakes for their clients. Thus uncertainty, revenue loss and unavoidable pressure becomes an unwanted yet a constant part of their lives.

What we found

In spite of a dedicated Admin, many non routine jobs are not billed. Senior staff members often end up putting their time and efforts on some compliance issues which are not tracked anywhere. This in turn results in loss of revenue for the time added by seniors. Also Staff work and time management gets hampered as junior staff works on mechanical work which is not tracked anywhere. Hence when a new work is to be allocated, admin has no idea who is available, overburdened etc. There is no report available to track the efficiency and productivity of team members.


WEQ identified such firms, generally use multiple Excel to maintain their client’s work tracking, have XML files which holds all the basic information of the clients, use third party application for communications, paperwork for noting down important audit related queries, assessment documents etc . Finwill must be a software that puts everything in one place with full access to admin and team members, making it operative for everyone. Being cloud-based software, it is accessible from anywhere.

Finwill must turn out to be the most reliable technology partner of the organisation that will organize the mundane tasks and bring the following activities on a single platform so that users have more time and peace of mind to devote on their core practice.

  • Taking Charge of Administration
  • Managing Compliance Work
  • Process & Workflow Controls
  • Quicker & Easier Communication


We created a unique admin cloud-based ERP practice management software solution that will make the work more structured and simpler. We also made sure all the third party software w.r.t communication to be incorporated inside the application.

We designed the application for managing all the tasks in the most meticulous way by arranging it in different compliances, to get more accurate reporting of staff allocation and efficiency, task creation and allocation for better billing.

Finwill allows user to create client, its compliance work, tasks and checklist to track the status of the work and use the same while billing for decreased revenue loss.


This unique platform gives one point solution for communication and task management. It controls work flow in an organised way and communicating clients with desired schedules through inbuilt Email & Messaging facility. This has decreased revenue loss to 0 and increases the efficiency of the staff with better compliance management.