Web Application

The Problem

The Jyoti Appliances, since they are into Kitchen ware wanted to track their support queries being raised by customers and was it resolved and if resolved then whats the payment received. Sometime as things were manually done, the payment received by the support person and payment submitted to branch was found to be different creating a huge loss to company also, loss of name towards client.


WEQ devised a typical solution for them. We created an application for each support individual on field along with a Web Based panel for Branch Owners. As soon any ticket is raised by customer it is assigned to respective support person nearby to the customer location.

The support person needs to:

  • Fill the OTP which is received on customer’s mobile no
  • This automatically sends an SMS to Customer after he updates the status on the system with resolution one and payment made.
  • Same is been updated on Branch Master system

With this, transparency is maintained between customer, support person and branch.


As the flow was decided to develop a user-friendly, multi-lingul cloud-based Software with automatic Service management and tracking system.

It is integrated with Service Mobile App with below features :

  • Service person get their daily service request
  • Its helps the Service person to prioties or ordering their service request
  • Also it continues send service person GPS location to manager which help them in assignment of service request
  • Appliance warrenty card can also be uploaed from application


Jyoti Appliance is been using this system since last approx. 6 months and they are very happy with it gaining credibility into the market with its innovation and resolving the problem on real-time for the customers. The incident of mis charging customer is reduced to now 0.