Web Application

The Problem

To track attendance of each worker with In-Time & Out-Time to accordingly produce payment to be released.

What we found

We found that the Bio-Metric & Facial Recognition System, being used their used to automatically mark out time of individual worker as soon as it pasts 12 AM, which indicted loss of extra hours being left untracked for the worker which causes the HR team to go-through Manual Entries as well to determine payment for hourly work along with over-time & under-time.


Sagar Twisters had Bio-Metric System along with this Facial Recognition equipped with software to maintain In-Time & Out-Time of each worker, however they have team of 3-4 people dedicatedly working to calculate salary of each worker. This used to take around 15 Days every month for them to calculate same, still with some errors.

WEQ, knowing they already have systems in place how come it is not being managed. This was big question for us?

To solve this, we needed to identify the problem at the first place.

WEQ started its audit process to understand its existing system and how it is being managed. We literally spent whole day at their factory premises closely monitoring whole set of records which included:

  • Manual In-Time/ Out-Time track by each worker at Watch Men’s end
  • Excels which were made to mark P (for Present) & A (for Absent) along with In-Time & Out-Time
  • Bio-Metric system outputs
  • Facial recognition system output
  • Question & Answer session with the staff individually on how they process things


Since, the problem was identified, we created our own algorithm to resolve this issue and integrated it with their existing system to give them real-time feedback. We also made the system cloud-based so that the Managers can see the workers’ pay real-time over an app.

Solution Delivered

  • Cloud Based System with login of respective department

Case Studies

  • Android Application for Manager
  • Realtime support for any issue encounter which using the system


  • The team successfully gets real-time updates for any worker saving more that 70% of their time to utilize it elsewhere.
  • Workers complaint reduced to monthly 2-3 which were earlier almost 1 each day.