What is WooCommerce? It’s your way to build a secure, flexible eCommerce store using the foremost popular tool to make a website.

Is it something you must use?

So, WooCommerce lets you build your online store pretty much easily.

WooCommerce lets you sell anything and everything you want.

The most popular use is to sell physical products, like t-shirts, Footwear, Fruits, Vegetables, basic essentials…everything. These are the kinds of stores you’re quite familiar to like Flipkart and Amazon.

But you can also use WooCommerce to sell digital products, make appointments, reservations, services, etc. which you can charge for.

Basically, if you would like to sell “something” and accept payment for it, WooCommerce can assist anyways.

Let’s go through…

WooCommerce helps you develop an eCommerce store using WordPress. WordPress is additionally so far, the foremost popular platform to make a web site. WooCommerce takes that basic WordPress OS and turns it into a fully-functioning and attractive eCommerce store.

There are a bunch of reasons why WooCommerce is such well-liked to create an eCommerce store:

WordPress (for website)

WordPress is an open-source website development system. It is available with a MySQL or MariaDB database. WordPress is also a free platform to use. 1/4th of the websites hosted all over the web network is developed on WordPress.

The WooCommerce Plugin (the online store)

WooCommerce could be a free plugin for WordPress. It enables you to turn a basic website into an eCommerce store. WordPress can’t do this by itself. If you put in and activate the WooCommerce plugin you’ll be able to add products, a go-cart and a checkout. you’ll even be joining plenty of other WooCommerce store owners. It’s the foremost popular e-Commerce plugin for WordPress. It powers over 30% of all the world’s e-Commerce stores.Let’s read more about WooCommerce.

WooCommerce Extensions (even more online store action)

Once we start working on WooCommerce with your website, an additional range of WooCommerce extensions are available. These extensions are like plugins for WooCommerce. They let your online store do more things. they’ll also let your store work with other programs, like your accounting program and your email marketing program.

There are many WooCommerce plugins available to be used. The most sources are from:

The WooCommerce Extension library (free and paid extensions) The plugins repository at WordPress.org (free extensions) WooCommerce Plugins on Code Canyon (paid extensions) WooCommerce Themes (the look of your online store)

Most WordPress themes (website designs) will work with WooCommerce in a very general way. But some WordPress themes have done extra work to form sure they function well with WooCommerce.

These Themes are free or cost a yearly fee to use. Paid Themes are often of better quality and have a better standard of maintenance and support. The official WooCommerce theme is Storefront, which may be a free theme written by WooCommerce themselves. There are many paid/commercial WooCommerce themes on Theme forest.

Ongoing Maintenance and Security

There is a regular check-up of the internal system in a WooCommerce Store. Many of those parts require regular maintenance. We can find new versions available, which may contain security updates. It’s important to possess arrangements on the site that cover this maintenance. It’s worth making it a priority because the ongoing efficiency and security of your WooCommerce Store can rely on it.

Currently, 42% of eCommerce sites on the net use WooCommerce, which just goes to signifies that it is a reliable and trusted platform. This percentage is large compared to variety of the other top platforms (Shopify –7% and Magento –4%).

If you’re trying to search out a user-friendly, easily customizable platform that’s trusted by a majority of eCommerce sites; look no further than WooCommerce!

Chinmai Mayekar

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer and SEO Executive currently working for WEQ Technologies