Digitalization has become an important element of our day to day life whether it’s the field of education, or entertainment, or business, especially after the lockdown crisis. Doctors may help patients online, prescribing medicines, or helping other doctors in managing emergency cases. Professors and teachers are training the students online via video calling apps or conference apps. Buying and selling online has become the essentials nowadays. Online shopping using digital gateways has made purchasing effortless. Moreover, people do shop anytime as there is no time constraint; they’re open around the clock. Banking is another area that has been automated. The jobs that were earlier done manually are now computerized creating speed and accuracy in the work. Managing accounts, transferring cash, depositing, withdrawing is now done effortlessly. digital goals Business and Digitalization:Another field where Digitalization has brought immense growth is Business Development. During this COVID –19 pandemics, it’s essential to figure out new ways to grow in business. it is important to know that top management cannot alone manage the business; their vision and digital technology together can-do higher objectives. Information technology and business together refer to management resources which helps by using information by computer tools for gathering, processing, storing, and distributing the information. Small scale businesses buy software packages so on run their business whereas large business firms can appoint engineers to form their own software to support the company’s tasks. Implementing digital solutions in an appropriately would decrease the cost which is predicted at the time of failure. It also increases the liability of the business or the process. Various sectors may be small, large, simple, complicated, or complex are transformed into centralized/ decentralized organizations. Digital OutsourcingOpportunities have started increasing in business; companies unlike manufacturing or distribution should also make use of software either in determining the atmospheric conditions, the freshness of the product, or managing the company’s administration using a streamline and trustworthy system. Using such systems works are often optimized, costs are reduced, processes speed up without the loss of accuracy, risks involved could also be minimized, and thus adds in the growth of the business. Determination of upper strategies for business and solutions for business problems are often solved by embracing the New Normal i.e. by getting digitized. Companies may also exchange technology over the network. Digital solutions are increasingly being applied even faster; Companies will operate differently to effectively manage the crisis. COVID-19 crisis is changing the way we live, work and use technology. Because the globe adjusts to its new normal, business leaders would need to rethink strategies to recover quickly from difficulties and emerge from this crisis stronger. Transitioning to the new normal way of working: Transitioning to the new normalWhile all business activities that needed physical interaction have suffered, the pandemic has presented opportunities for the contactless world of digital business. Many faculties and workplaces are transferring to remote technologies amid the outbreak. However, these technologies are around for a longer period of time, and also the key challenge remains to form this type of working simpler and sustainable so that we don’t move back to the ‘old way’ after we emerge from this disaster. While there is a necessity to adopt this fashion of working now, we’d prefer to be sure about how we transition into this ‘new normal way of working’. This new normal way of working change would be driven by respecting each other’s time (short and sharp meetings), clear in communication (maybe sending pre-reads and use meetings to drive decisions), encourage the adoption of digital collaboration tools (managing outcomes through e-mail, chat systems, digital documentation, etc). Looking for new business opportunities: These opportunities are largely either left alone entirely or approached in an unorganized manner. within the present economic scenario, firms are more receptive to exploring new revenue opportunities. To drive growth, companies might develop alternate channels to tap more of opportunities amid the uncertainty the pandemic has caused. There are many ways where you can embrace the new normal and start grabbing the new business opportunities. OmnichannelCope up with the new normal.Build your online business platform, let your businesses go online. Welcome the new flexibility, provide your services online, make your services digital. Let your local business reach a global level, build your own website and start marketing. This will help your deal in the contactless world. Don’t fear the online culture but embrace it, showcase your products in the online world, build your online ecommerce stores and sell your products without a physical storefront. Connect with your customers and drive out business. Use omnichannel ecosystems to adapt to the new methods of business. Omni-channel may be a multi-channel sales approach that has the customer with an integrated customer experience. The customer maybe shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, or by telephone, or in a physical store front and the experience would be smooth and continuous. Overall a complete end-end online business process with customer satisfaction. Coming to customer relationships, it is very important to develop and maintain these relationships. Customer relationshipsGather trust and make their journeys easy and satisfying. Automating customer journeys to your business is the way for digital transformation. Responsiveness to your customers is the very immediate action required these days and is only possible by building an online platform to help them get a fast, easy, and understanding journey to your business. Amid the COVID –19 pandemic and the long-lasting lockdown speeding up in all aspects is a necessity. Re-look at how to manage and operate your business, build your customized operation system, let your operations go digital. Moving to virtual methods of operations with the emerging technologies will help you embrace the new normal. Shift your manual operations to digital operations as you can also access them remotely from anywhere and anytime you wish to. Come on! Let’s Embrace the New Normal What is clear is that the pandemic is transforming our social and economic lives, paving the way for the latest normal. It has demonstrated the importance of digital collaboration during a very period of worldwide self-isolation. While the priority remains to verify everyone seems to be safe, a crisis of this scale reveals not just vulnerabilities, but also opportunities to search out and adapt. It has forced us to reimagine our business models, not just for short-term survival, aside from long-term resilience.

Chinmai Mayekar

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer and SEO Executive currently working for WEQ Technologies