Anyone who is into SEO industry must have encountered this question multiple time. As a business owner you must hired a good SEO agency and must be waiting to see results after the first month of progress. But in reality SEO doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time. There are a lot of activities involved to rank your website on the Top position. SEO, in overall, is an never ending process. Successful implementation of SEO requires strategically performing a list of activities and need to consider many aspects like sitemap, quality content, domain authority (DA), google’s ranking algorithm, good backlinking profiles and optimizing.  

So, Why does SEO takes time & is an ongoing investment?

Link building is the most rewarding activities of SEO when done right. It can generate huge traffic for your website and give a great push in your ranking. Gone those days when link building was easier to get through automated backlinks. Nowadays, google is quite suspicious about backlinks, your backlinks should grow naturally. A good SEO agency will always tell you about worthy backlinks and help you to generate it eventually. We go with the flow and help you generate high quality backlinks over time.  
Frankly speaking, SEO starts to show results in 4-6 months
Once you start generating relevant traffic on your website, your traffic will keep on growing as long as steady SEO activities are keep running.
Is your domain new? Google considers Domain Authority
Yes, the age of your website is taken into consideration while ranking your website on google. The older the website the higher its ranking. Google places new website into sandbox to control and test the quality of website. It’s called as Google Sandbox.     Getting good results from SEO takes time and the reason for this is the way google operates. Google takes time to update and recognise all the quality backlinks for your website. It is due to this factor that even after getting quality backlink within 2-3 months you might not see any positive progress in ranking. Creating backlinks for website require performing long research and analysis, finding the right content and connecting with the relevant traffic. WEQ technologies will perform all the SEO activities for your website. No agency will able to tell you for sure that how long SEO will take to give relevant results. The process of SEO will take time but at the end you will see the effectiveness and the gain relevant traffic to your website. You have be patience with SEO because it wont give you short term results but in longer run will reap you benefit greater than your investment.

Sahil Shaikh

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer & Analytics Dashboard Expert at WEQ Technologies. Working on Voice search and SEO, analysing future impact based upon voice search.