Facebook changes its privacy settings, Ads to be less targeted. User’s privacy data are being easily accessible.

Facebook is facing a major PR debacle over the recent outcry by whistle-blower, a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower has suggested Facebook uses people’s mobile phones to spy on them at home or at work. The whistle blower has claimed that facebook has used user’s data to manipulate the US Election campaign in 2016.
Facebook responds to privacy crisis by making privacy tools easier to find
Facebook Inc. has release a new adjusted privacy settings to give its users more control over their information. It has put all the settings on one page and made it easier to change and more straightforward to stop apps from using data. Until now, changing settings had been complex, and was spread over at least 20 screens, which frustrated many users and half of users are unaware of such settings.

What to know how facebook knows about you?

  1. Understanding the facebook settings is no big brainer, but finding those settings aren’t quite easy for anyone. Facebook has recently updated the settings option for users to be to change and understand the privacy data. To get the privacy settings on facebook, Head towards the settings option tab on the facebook dashboard. facebook dashbaord data privacy settings
  2. On this page, you will find many facebook settings options. General settings, privacy settings are something that you need to explore if you haven’t checked yet. Select the “Ads” option. facebook ads privacy settings page
  3. On Ads page, check the Your Information section to get all the information that facebook uses to target ads. This information is shared to advertisers who can use this information to show targeted ads in your facebook account. You will find two tab “About you” & “Categories”, first one contains all your information that you have allowed facebook to be used for ads and later one is categories that contain what type of user you are? your devices usage? network speed type? product category affinity and lot more…ads data collected by facebook
The world’s largest social network said in a blog post it had been working on the updates for some time, but sped things up to appease users’ anger over how the company uses their data and as lawmakers around the globe called for strong regulation. Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg has repeatedly apologized for the mistakes the company made and has promised to crack down on abuse of the Facebook platform and restrict developers’ access to user information.

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