Myth: Having a website will help you gain business in no time. Reality: Having well designed & content oriented website will help you gain result, but this is not enough. Today’s website also requires to be
  • = Mobile friendliness as 95% times it will be viewed over mobile phone
  • = Optimized for every search engine platform
  • = Well marketed to make people aware about your website

When do you realize that its time for you to think on redesigning your website.

Your website is the only global place for you to represent your business effectively and your customer is going to judge you and your business on the basis of that. Your could be customers (visitors) have multiple options (your competitors) and you have got only one chance to convey your message to them. Hence it becomes very important for you to make sure it serves the purpose as it’s effectively said, “First Impression is Last Impression”. You already own a website, but is it serving you the result you desire for? This can be determined by answering below simple questions?

1. Do you still need to go to your website developer for every minor content changes?

    Have you ever tried calling your web developer and asking them to update some information on your website and obviously, it is going to take time as they have various commitments and as and when you say cant be done immediately. For them it is just a work but they fail to sometime understand that its just not a website, but a business to customer. Also, there’s physical challenges as well, if your developer is not available? He is busy with other commitments? You cant leave you business’s fate to them.
  • Its time to either change your web developer or “Get a CMS based website” which you have a control on regular updates.

2. How easy is to find your business based on relevant search keywords (Google Search)? – You are missing your business opportunities

  • The customer is not always going to type your website url, or rather they will be searching for your business but if your website isn’t found, you are loosing business and your competitors are gaining.
  • There are various ways to get found on Internet (SEO, AdWords, etc), but it requires appropriate planning and content strategy on your website. Get in touch with your existing web developer and get it clear today.

3. Is your website responsive across all standard mobile devices?

  • Mobile users have increased drastically today, 95% times your website is going to be visited over mobile devices having different resolutions and operating system and you can’t determine which device your customer will be using it for viewing your website.
  • If your website is not responsive, get it responsively developed as the latest framework automatically makes your website responsive and no additional efforts needs to be taken to do the same.

4. Is it made in Flash? which requires additional extension to be installed to view your website?

  • Previously websites were made in flash to create animated presentation, but it is not advisable to do it now. Google too discourages the website which is made in flash as it is not visible across platforms (Apple devices doesn’t support flash, for chrome you need to install Flash extension to view the content) and visitors don’t have patience to do it every time they visit your website and hence important message may not be conveyed to them.
  • If your website has these flash contents, get it redeveloped or redesigned with proper goal.

5. Does your website portray correct image of your brand?

  • There’s huge competition across the world, there’s enough chance to be misunderstood. In this noisy world you get only chance to communicate, make sure your message is easily understood by your visitors and reflects your brand. Have a clear clutter free communication.

6. Is your website fetching you business?

  • The only intention of creating a website is to generate business to the company and add value to your customer. If you are not receiving businesses from your website then, there are chances that something is wrong with either with your content on website, design or marketing being not appropriately done.
  • Get yourself consulted with experience developer and social media marketer.
Apart from this, Story Telling Flow of the website should be considered, as this will retain your customer more onto the website. If your website isn’t serving any of the above purpose, you really need to think on redesigning it from experience/ expert designer.
The objective of redesigning your website should not just be “New Look” there’s much more you need to think about it: Technology/ Framework – Today there’s many technologies on which a website can be developed like, PHP, HTML, CSS, ASP. NET with different frameworks like, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and E-Commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, OpenCart etc. Choosing a right technology depends upon the purpose of the website and expected functionality from it. But choosing right technology is going to ease your cost and time as well for your redesigning work. CMS (Content Management System) – CMS are frameworks which allows users to manage contents such as images, videos, textual contents, documents and any other online content on the website as and when needed and required. Your website needs to have a CMS system for you (not every time you should be depended on your web developer). Future Consideration -The website trend changes every year or may be less, that doesn’t mean you should be considering redesigning your website every time and its not convenient option as well for every business owners. We need to make sure, it should be flexible enough for future upgrades on the website.
Remember, Website is going to be asset for your business & one-time investment, make sure you do it right.

Sahil Shaikh

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer & Analytics Dashboard Expert at WEQ Technologies. Working on Voice search and SEO, analysing future impact based upon voice search.