With a constantly evolving digital landscape, the cornerstone and crucial aspect of any online presence is a good website. In order to have a good first impression, a functional and aesthetic looking website goes a long way with your potential user. Think of it like having the right interiors for a restaurant that you know will keep drawing the audience back, a modern website with the right features fosters engagement and conversions. With a range of must-have features for a modern website now available for developers to incorporate, right from responsive design, fast loading speeds, high quality content and more. Modern website features are the building blocks for a successful online presence because it helps to propel the brand forward. Outlined below are the top 10 website features 2024 that must be incorporated for a high-converting website for every brand.

1. Intuitive Navigation

Intuitive navigation acts like a guide to help users easily access the various buttons and features on the website. Website accessibility guidelines are adhered to implement a logical page hierarchy with clear menus, call to action (CTA) buttons, and an overall flow that is seamless and easily grasped by the end user. Understanding the need to create an easy and smooth flowing navigation,

Intuitive Navigation

2. Website Speed Optimisation

Website speed is king. A website that loads in under 3 seconds is crucial for keeping the end user engaged and still on the website. Techniques like compressed images, minimized code, and e cient server response times ensure lightning-fast loading speeds. This keeps users engaged, lowers bounce rates (frustrated users leaving quickly), and improves search engine rankings. Tools like Google

PageSpeed Insights oIer valuable insights and recommendations for website speed optimization. One of the most important 2024 website trends is going to be super quick, fast paced websites.


3. Security Certificates Importance

With cyber threats on the rise, implementing robust security measures is paramount. Regularly updating softwares and plugins used on the website keeping in alignment the website security features are of utmost importance to make sure the website stays secure and the trust factor is maintained with the end user. In 2024, Google Chrome actively flags websites without SSL certificates as “not secure,” further emphasizing the importance of prioritizing website security. Keeping all of these features of a high-converting website in mind, WEQ worked towards ALKEM Laboratories aiming to debut a fresh website for their MedTech Department’s Derrim Brand. The primary objective of this platform was to furnish information about the brand, catering specifically to its end users: doctors and patients. Crafted with a keen emphasis on delivering comprehensive information, this platform serves as a conduit for accessing the innovative solutions oIered by Derrim..

4. High Quality Content

Content will always be king and for websites in 2024, this content needs to be compelling, targeted, and highly informative to get it to the right target audience and end user. Building a narrative for the users, creating personalised and engaging stories, and showing through visuals and high-quality website content that the brand has a solution to their problems is going to be one of the website trends this year. Integrating a blog with valuable industry insights, product breakdowns, or customer testimonials establishes your website as a thought leader and builds trust with potential customers.


5. Mobile Focused and Friendly

Responsive design ensures a smooth user e perience across all platforms, lowers bounce rates (users leaving a website shortly after arriving), and contributes to higher search engine rankings. A website that is easily responsive across diIerent screen sizes is now imperative for every brand. Over 56% of website tra c comes from mobile phones due to its ease, being quickly accessible, and being mobile-friendly website designs. The website created for Talescope Pictures embodies their fundamental sustainability ethos and eIectively communicates its purpose to its intended audience.

6. Call To Action Buttons (CTAs)

CTAs guide users to take the desired action you need of them for the brand – whether it is to message or place an order. Personalization plays a key role in ma imising CTA eIectiveness. By analysing user behaviour and tailoring CTAs accordingly, you can significantly increase engagement and conversion rates.

7. Seamless Integration

User e perience design (U ) and one of the must-have features for a modern website requires that it is seamlessly integrated across various tools, services, and especially the social media handles of brands. In 2024, embedding social media plugins seamlessly is going to bring in higher tra c across the website, and help amplify the brand to the right target audience. Clearly and neatly showcasing the right icons either on the header or the footer of the website is one of the key focus points of a good U design. The work done for Namastey Salon’s website by WEQ was to showcase the premiumness of the services and care they provide to each and every customer to build trust and improve brand perception.

8. Monitoring and Analytics

Implementing tools to analyse insights is crucial for every website. Website analytics and tracking is an ongoing process to help build a successful website and to continuously be aware of the changes and updation it will require. Understanding the metrics well helps brands to realign and refocus their marketing and sales strategy as and when needed. A new tool – Google Analytics 4 (GA4) – is now what is being used in the 2024 website trends.

9. Engaging Visual Content

Compelling visuals are no longer just an aesthetic choice; they are a powerful tool for storytelling and user engagement. Focusing on visual elements for websites like high-quality images, infographics, and videos can grab attention, improve comprehension, and increase user dwell time. Interactive websites, 3D animation, unique typography and now even AI generated imagery, all adds to causing the user to build engagement with the website and to convince them to use it frequently.

10. Focus on your SEO

Incorporating the latest SEO strategies is essential to improve the overall search engine ranking for the website. In 2024, modern websites leverage SEO strategies that go beyond keyword stu ng. In-depth keyword research uncovers user search intent, informing content creation that directly addresses their needs. Content optimization incorporates relevant keywords naturally, while technical SEO ensures fast loading speeds and mobile-friendliness – both Google ranking factors. This comprehensive SEO approach propels your website to the top of search results, driving organic tra c and boosting conversions.

Chinmai Mayekar

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer and SEO Executive currently working for WEQ Technologies