Search Engine Optimization is a new age marketing tool for business owners. With mobile devices taking the front stage, users want information at the press of button. While there are lakhs of website on the world wide web, user often use search engine to find the relevant websites.


How Search Engines Operates?

The job of search engine is to scan through those lakhs of webpages and serve the most genuine and relevant websites to the users. Search engines have algorithm that does the work of scanning the website contents, called as crawler. Crawler’s on daily basis search for new and updated contents on the world wide web. Once the crawlers crawls the website, they create a index for those websites with their ranking factors.

 How google search operators

Now that you know how search engines operates. Let’s understand what exactly does search engine optimization mean.


What is SEO?

SEO in short, is a set of rules that can be followed by website owners/developers to optimize their websites for search engines which in turn will improve their search engine rankings.

SEO aims to focus on improving the user experience part of the websites.


In simple words, websites which are relevant and user-friendly are the ones that are loved by the search engines. The result is improved ranking for your website and more traffic on your webpages.


Website are the online sales platform that can generate revenue far greater than the offline selling model. Business owners have shown great interest in SEO in recent years. SEO can help them to reach customers across borders and create a new scope of revenue for them.


Why is SEO important?

Bringing traffic to your website is in a way dependent on SEO. While they are other medium too for marketing your website, SEO is consider far better in terms of organic results and long term benefits.


The market has become competitive and maintaining the rank on the first page is task that takes time and efforts.

  • According to statistics, users are more likely to click on one of the top suggestions in the results page (SERPs). Hence it is important to be on the first page and gain visitors attention.

serp results

  • SEO is important for huge websites, it makes the work for user easy to navigate and find content on such websites.
  • Website gain advantage for improvements and increases user experience through proper application of SEO.
  • SEO is necessary to stay latest and keep your content fresh.


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Sahil Shaikh

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer & Analytics Dashboard Expert at WEQ Technologies. Working on Voice search and SEO, analysing future impact based upon voice search.