Website are a great tool for your business as they can harness the power of google analytics to deliver useful insights about your visitors. Your website could have thousands and lakhs of visitors but they are meaningless if you don’t know anything about them. Analytics and reports are the most powerful 22nd century tools (Yes, they are really robust and way ahead of time) that can potentially help you to convert your visitors into paying customers.

Google analytics can answer the 3 ‘W’s about your visitors,

  • Who Are They?

  • Where They Are?

  • What Do They Do?

You can track all the crucial information about your visitors right from the location they are located to the devices they access your website on. It will help you identify the market trends, users preferences, their behaviours and usage patterns, which product/ services they are more interested in.. and a lot more questions answered.   Let’s begin the 3 W’s and how these questions will answered all your queries. Why to use Google Analytics

Who Are They?

This is knowing about your visitors, gender, age, their interests. Google analytics can provide you with visitors’ age, gender, browser they use, OS they operate on, the network service that they use, and it will also tell you about interest and affinity of the audience.  Google Analytics Audience behaviour report Google analytics dashboard has a separate tab named ‘Audiences’ where you will find all the information about the visitors. You can login into your google analytics account and go to Audiences.  

Where They Are?

The previous question got the answer about your visitors, now the important question should where are they located? Which region are they from? and their regional language preferences.
  • Location
  • Geography
  • Regional/ Language

What Do They Do?

This is the most interesting question, knowing about your visitors is just one part but knowing what they do on your website is where real gold is. With google analytics goal and events tracking you could get information about which pages are visited the most, where do visiors clicks, their form submissions, CTA’s and many more things.
  • Page Views
  • Actions
  • Events
  • Bounce Back
  • User Flow
  • Behaviour Flow
Page flow google analytics - WEQ Technologies Analytics has very good action tracking ability where you could set event tracking code on vital location on your website. You can track form submission, internal/ external link clicks, button clicks, time spent of particular webpage, the flow of pages visited during a single session. You can experiment and gain many more insights using the custom tracking feature of google analytics.

max growth using google analytics - weq technologies

Advantages of using Google Analytics on your business website

  • Use Multiple Dashboards to see the most important reports quickly.
  • Find out the campaigns that bring the most traffic.
  • Know where your best visitors are located.
  • With site-search, know what visitors are searching on website.
  • Discover the top performing pages
  • Uncover the worst performing pages

Sahil Shaikh

Digital Marketer

Digital Marketer & Analytics Dashboard Expert at WEQ Technologies. Working on Voice search and SEO, analysing future impact based upon voice search.