Finding the right web designing firm for your website can be a very tiresome task. The market is filled with a lot of amateur web designers and freelancers. Hiring a web design agency can be very expensive on your budget. Only if you have a good budget and are serious about your business goal that your website might serve then you should go ahead for hiring professional web designers.

Now when you hire a designing company, you need to understand that you have to partner with them for your project. The designer might have a excellent designing skills but it’s you who has to provide a vision for the design. Your communication and objective about the website design is what the designers will help you realise.

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There are few questions that you should ask the designing firm before you hire them.

1. Will you be getting a on paper proposal/contract for the web designing work? Will the entire scope about the Designs be listed ? 

2. Ask for timeline, hours required for work, additional conditions, scope of project. 

3. Before you finalise your deal, do ask for references and existing projects the firm has worked upon.

4. Ask to meet the designing team who will be working on your project? Define a direct point of contact with whom you will be communicating with.

5. Whether your web designing firm also provides development services? It would be very helpful if the designing firm could also handle development of the same website they design. This reduces communication gap between the designers and developers. It also reduces your headache to manage and communicate with multiple different entity.

Always prefer a firm that offers you guidance and provides corrective suggestion out of their scope of work. Remember your final goal with the website is to create business. Try not to get too involved into development stuff because as a business owners you have to run entire business. Find yourself a firm and hire them on annual contract to maintain and run your website for you.

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Sahil Shaikh

Digital Marketer

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