Web development industry in India is growing very fast, with each passing year new trends and technology are being adapted by companies. The technology is web development is changing so fast that the change is faster than it’s implementation. PHP has being is web development trend for quite long. But the frameworks used for development have seen a huge change since past 5 years. Developer often find it confusing and challenging to decide which latest PHP framework to adapt. Developers try to find answers to this problem by asking their mentors, managers, seniors and even on open blog platforms like quora, check this link for answers to which Php frameworks is popular in India. In order to make this task little simpler we have used the Google Trends platform to find out which PHP framework has been gaining popularity since past 5 years. laravel vs codeigniter php framework in india The above image shows that CodeIgniter had been all time winner for popular demanded language in PHP development. Not until 2017, Laravel has gained more traction than codeigniter. We have seen a lot of Tech industries in bangalore and Mumbai moving towards laravel framework.  

Laravel Framework Popularity more than Codeigniter

While many application are still running CodeIgniter but the demand for codeigniter has being dropping and any developer thinking to adapt a new framework should definitely start adapting laravel. Related: 6 Software Development Trends in 2019 While we have compared the top 5 frameworks, you can get a details about the Top 10 PHP frameworks. WEQ Technologies is web development firm founded by aluminas of Infosys, Igate, Quionix. We have established process for software development and have experience in development for finance, health and educational sector software domains.

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