Startup founders are always in search of great talent who could code their product. While software developers are available freely in market but finding the right talent is a big quest for them. Not to mention that most of startups are cash-strapped and the founders have to manage the entire show with minimalist budget.

Non-technical founders often think of getting software development interns which seems to be a very reasonable choice at first. The downside of this is startup suffers later with more development effort and cost going into immaturely written code.


Remember! There is no such thing as Cheap + Talent


While “saving money” is the prime motto behind hiring cheap engineering intern, founder hire these fresh developer to help them get their initial product off the ground. Now software development learning curve is bit longer than any internship period. Any intern requires a considerate amount of time and guidance to become a worthy developer.


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This often results in your senior most developer investing their valuable time in training, managing, debugging and in worst case re-developing the work done by interns. By the time interns are brought up to speed with your code base, they are usually going for further studies or ready to apply for full-time opportunities. This means that entire training effort is lost.

If you think that intern may become productive sooner, still the interns ends up coding lengthy and buggy code which are harder to maintain. The result is expensive technical cost paid later. Startup have very less time to make a impressive MVP ( Minimum Viable Product ) and cannot afford an non-optimized code into their product environment.


Also, if your product runs on cloud platform such as AWS or Google then non-optimized code will not only increase your development effort but also increase the server utilization cost, poorly written code pulls more processing power and will result in higher cost.

Founder should also keep in mind that the efficiency of resource is more than number of resources altogether. Hire the right talent at the right time and for a right cost!

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